Onions,Garlic and brassicas

So many brassica ; broccoli, kale, cauliflower right now.Spinach, chard, arugula, parsley, lettuce, onions and beets are what we are feasting on these days. Doesn’t seem to make sense to eat salads now when it’s colder .But reality is that in July and August it’s just too hot to grow lettuce.Really, salads of tomatoes and cucumbers and chopped basil are of the hot summer days. Spinach salad  w/ roasted walnuts, Pt. Reyes blue cheese, purple onions and chopped wild arugula is what’s for dinner now. So delicious. Still harvesting potatoes and eating acorn squash that’s stored.

We’ve gotten spoiled with vast super markets and year round availability of whatever we want to eat. We’ve lost the eating in season mentality.Now after three years of eating primarily from our garden, we’ve begun to switch gears. Eating lot’s of what’s available not expecting other than that.Especially our four year old who has grown up with this.She is not surprised that the only fruit around is the huckleberries gleaned off the last of the bushes. Or canned applesauce. Just traded for some persimmons and more apples. What a deal !

Mushrooms have just started here. We had our first meal with chantrelles .Served with roasted beef from my friends grass fed Belted Galloway cows and gravy. Over rice.Starting to replenish my stock of dried boletus mushrooms.So good later for tasty risottos.

Our small new pasture has begun to sprout new grass and clover.It’s been hard to start with ground that was covered with brush. New soil , virgin grassland .It will have to be carefully tended before we can ever think of buying a cow.

The moon cycle will still be good for some above ground crops and I will replant my 40′ rows of peas.There seems to be a rabbit in my garden. I feel like Mr. Mac Gregor and Peter rabbit. I wonder if he used to sell his veggies? I’m ordering more garlic and potatoes from a succulent looking catalog that arrived the other day http://www.potatoegarden.com .I hope I can get them in during the waning moon.

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