Weekly CSA box

Yesterday, garbed in rain gear, unfortunately not my rain overalls, I joyfully picked a huge box of veggies for a CSA client.

Artichokes, purple onions, acorn squash, yukon gold potatoes, hard neck garlic, mizuna, red russian kale, rainbow swiss chard, bull’s blood beets, broccoli.

It really felt like Thanksgiving.

Soaking wet , both wood fireplaces going in our cozy house. Maybe we do get to relax at this time of year even in California. Although ever the optimist I still planted a bed of spinach , right on top of where I have red potatoes started. I wonder how that will do?

I still haven’t harvested the Christmas Limas. The bean pod is still green . Anyone out there know whether they’ll dry on the vine? Even in the rain ? Hum , so many questions , so much to learn about this marvelous world of plants.

One Reply to “Weekly CSA box”

  1. Thanks for your stories. It keeps us connected :).
    We think (and talk) a lot about you people (in a positieve sense of course). Really nice to read about how you live your life and make the very best of it. When I try to grow some vegetables in our fertile garden I end up with something that looks very different from what I put in or expected. For me it’s a miracle how you do it. Maybe we’ll come and see it someday.
    Love you, knuffels,
    Greetje and Ben

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