Christmas gifting

Today I pruned the wisteria that are beginning to grow up and across our porch . I took the cuttings and wound them into some wreaths. In a very poor Christmas in the past we used their seed pods to string into ornaments on our tree.They would twirl in the breeze and look pretty with red ribbons on the tree.
Here is a wreath I made today. They can be decorated with rosehips,birds nests pinecones,holly.Look around for what you can find for free.

My artist daughter also illustrated some kitchen towels and some fabric that I will make into pot holders.These I’m embroidering . I finally found the best batting for pot holders is cotton felt padding for protecting tables .Two or three layers of this protects your hand from heat.I’ve also collected garden seed from our property all year that will also be good as gifts. Jams, pickles, vinegar. These all are very inexpensive, creative gift ideas. What are yours ?

I think there is nothing as wonderful as handmade gifts. It makes sense to me to have a holiday for that. This crazy shopping consumerism holiday does not appeal to me. I still remember the feeling of wearing a sweater my mom had knit.Or clothes she had sewed. It was like the difference of good home cooked food or fast food.The energy and love that goes into the creations embraces you.Makes you smile. The Christmas’s we all remember the best are the ones where we had the least amount of money and had to make most things.Get really creative and try to make your dreams or maybe just a fabulous meal is enough of a “gift”.Share your energy not just things.

Remember what memories you most value about the holidays. It’s usually not the things you received or gave but the feelings of being with one another. The memory of a special taste or flavor.The stories you read around a fire. The time you did something wrong, but it was still OK.None of this was the material world this was the physical world of sensation and feelings. Consider what really gives someone happiness in the gifting .Think about supporting a local person in their creativity if you don’t have time for it yourself.

Homemade soap, herbal teas and hand thrown mugs.Local jams and jellies, homemade candies. A collage of memorable family pictures maybe mixed with items that remind you of the person.Handmade ornaments.Maple syrup or honey from a small farm.Trade, barter, support local small business if you do buy.

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