Holy Shit the secret behind creating truly sustainable food

For those of you not familiar with the well known farmer / author Gene Logsdon, here’s a interview of his new book. A great article about the importance of manures in farming and soil health . http://www.alternet.org/food/149065/holy_shit%3A_the_secret_behind_creating_truly_sustainable_food

All of his writings are fantastic. My favorite “The Man who created Paradise ” which you can read online at http://thecontraryfarmer.wordpress.com/ . I spent one evening reading this to my husband . He really loved it and it inspired us even more in our farming effort.

I think it’s interesting how we’ve gotten so far from the basic understanding of how to work and live efficiently in our world. Live carefully , do things well , take care of things that should last . Use our minds intellect and hearts in our decisions. Realize the importance of experience and ability not just book learned information. Practicality. Ideas that make sense.

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