Motorcyles and stress relief

Okay , I get to admit I ride a motorcycle. I have since I was about twelve. Being raised with my brothers and Dad from age 13 on, I was exposed to many machines. I learned to drive towing a boat. My brother who I lived with the most, is brilliant as far as fun ideas go. He made sure I could change a tire and my own oil, fix a broken fan belt, drive without brakes, without a clutch, four wheel, etc. He didn’t want me growing up like no “Girl” . It was a great preparation to farming and being able to drive large equipment and not to be intimidated by situations especially in male dominated areas.

Anyway in trying to save money so we can live on a farming income, we are trying to get monthlies (monthly bills) as low as we can. This means no more paid storage for our bikes.So yesterday it cleared for a bit and my husband drove me up, leaving my two kids ( 15 and 4) two horses and thirty chickens all OUT and in the garden till I got back. FREEDOM, SWEET FREEDOM. Spoken from one whose been a Mom for way too long as my oldest is 22, then 15, then 4. Anyway I can’t say enough about the freedom you feel and that, cares blowin away feeling you get on a bike. I find over the years it’s been especially helpful when I had bad PMS and now with menopause and constant hot flashes… anyway you get what I’m saying.

So I start up my LOVELY BMW 1976 R90/6 and she throbs into action. This baby really gets going at about 85-90mph. Oh the roads were wet and my ever protective husband was following me, not for long- buuurrrrrmmm-buuuurruuummm-boorrooom!!.It felt like a vacation away and all stress dropped away by the time I got back. Ate more Christmas candy and worked away pruning our fifty fruit trees and transplanting rhubarb.
This is our beautiful coastline. My pick up with a load of plants.

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  1. Katie, you’re giving me the 2 wheel lust again. If you still have the helmet I gave you so many years ago, I’m going to come up and bum a ride!


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