Baking Day ! Febuary 12th 12:00

Febuary 12th 12:00 the oven should be about 500-600 degrees. Perfect for bread baking and roast meats, Pizza. Let me know if you want to be in on making bread the day before and early am the morning of the bake.

The oven is very well insulated and stays hot for days. Many more things could be baked in it as the temp. goes down. Just let us know.

If you want to learn about naturally leavened bread we’ll be putting it together Friday and Saturday early.

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    1. Of Course. Do you know where we are? You came here once with Terry didn’t you?
      Bring a container if you want some starter to bring home. Plus flour if you want to make bread .

  1. We have an amazing symposium to attend on Saturday, but hope to come Sunday sometime to commune with the women! Nice work, sista.

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