Happy Valentines Day, Are You Doing What You Love ?

It’s interesting to me to look introspectively inside at what issues are holding you back from accomplishing your goals. Insecurity, lack of confidence, fear??? How do you come to terms with these? How do you move forward? Are you happy? Can you be? There are tools for this, many different paths for people to choose. Therapy, yoga, meditation, physical exercise, helping others are some. Others just disappear from life preferring to just get it over with. I really believe that life is every day and how you live it. It’s not the goal , it’s the path to it that matters.

I remember in my early twenties, when I first started to help out with the Buddhist centers, seeing one of the “older women” up in a large fruit tree. I realized I wanted to be like that when I got “old”. Still able to climb a fruit tree, not be of an elderly mind that doesn’t allow that kind of uninhibited action. Now I’m here, fifty still climbing fruit trees. Happy my life has taken the twists and turns it has. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve left a beautiful garden in my wake. My personal expression to the world. Sometimes even inspiring others to garden as well.

When you look out on a really beautiful day and your heart soars, swells, and tears of joy come to your eyes, be thankful for all the things that helped this to come about. Count your blessings regularly . Bless others with your own personal happiness. Be positive and optimistic . Do what you love and love the ones around you.
Take responsibility for yourself and work hard. According to the Buddhist path we are incredibly fortunate to be born in this human body in circumstances where we have what we need, food, shelter , and free time. Do good things with this life. Be honest and truly passionate , participate with life.