This Kiwi smells like compost

This morning my young daughter told me the Kiwi smelled like compost . Not garbage, or just stinky- but like compost. That’s how we are changing the world, through living the sustainability concept and the kids ” getting ” it !

Although my husband who is of the old school, has now learned not to feed our kids quick snacks found at the gas station mini mart, most of the time. It was good to realize that he’d stopped instead and bought organic fruit. Fruit is becoming our extreme luxury item now after living more than a year and a half only eating what we produce, and our trees are small ! We have currently grown tired of strawberries and boysenberries, coveting the fifteen french prunes on one tree. Soon we are off to harvest loads of blackberries to make our jam and to freeze for pies. But still the crunch of a apple or the juice running down my chin of a ripe peach makes my mouth water at the thought.

Still it’s wonderful to see my daughters not take for granted fruit and vegetable production. To learn to make do with what you have or to do without. Eat in season , creatively cook and eat from the garden.