The Good Life

It was the best of times, it is the best of times.
It has been so hard to slow down enough to enjoy what we have built here.

Tonight I got to put the chickens away, a job Dennis usually does. It is Indian summer here the last few days, and really hot for our north coast. So the dogs and I walked up in the dark. The moon, starting to wane, wasn’t up yet. The stars shone through the cheetah spotted cloud sky.

I oiled the legs of the chickens, helping them to get through a small bout of mites, watched them slide all over their roost, quite funny.

Decided to see if any rabbits were in the garden, our newly planted purple cauliflower are getting eaten. By this time the cat had also joined our walk. No rabbits but I’ll walk the fence line, I take a shovel and with my flashlight between my legs, fill in some holes beneath the fence. After checking the orchard for ripe apples.

This is all getting quite fun in the dark. I decide to go look at the wood pile that some helpers just cleaned up. The moon came up making a bowl of the sky, so beautiful. Why do we watch TV ?

Thought I might try out our solar shower for the first time, it was wonderful, the moon was visible through the cracks.
The cob house has a view of the moon rising out the eastern window. The temperature inside seems slightly cooler than the outside heat.

Life is good.

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