Bread March 30th-next week and vacation

I’m going to send this around again, some people did not get it.

Bread this week:
All organic, naturally leavened Bread. Available at Franny’s and by delivery. Three drop off spot’s, Point Arena, Anchor Bay and Gualala, plus home delivery if you are close to Hwy 1 and not south of Gualala or north of Point Arena.Order at

Vermont Country Sourdough-basic white sourdough,w/small amount of rye flour

Ciabatta w/ potatoes,onions and herbs

Whole Wheat Oatmeal raisin bread w/ cinnamon

Whole Wheat Sourdough

Next week April 6th will be the last bake for at least a month. I’m traveling to Europe to observe rural economies, farms and bakeries. I plan to be very inspired when I return. Our bread freezes very well and you can order more now to get you through if you want. Next week Naturally leavened Challah ( w/ milk, butter and garden eggs) available.

Summer canning