Organic Garden Maintenance

Organic Garden Maintenance

If you are having a maintenance service maintain your grounds and gardens, pay attention to whether or not they are routinely using Round Up. If you have a gravel driveway and it has not been recently replaced, you are likely to be getting weeds there. If the drive is brown and there’s no green at this time of the year, the gardeners are probably spraying it monthly with round up. Also the area near your house, the first two feet around the building is it brown ? This is also a typical place to spray Round up. Pathways, rock areas, even weeds in garden beds are also commonly addressed by this herbicide
When Round Up, glyphosate, first hit the market, it was advertised to be out of the soil within twenty four hours of application. This has been disproved, but many still believe the original claims. Round Up has been declared a carcinogen and is very toxic. We don’t want to use this here, do we ?
I believe after thirty seven years of estate gardening that Round Up is not the way to go. I have been maintaining large and small gardens for more than ten years without any chemicals. It takes slightly more time, but it is so worth it, for the homeowner and the gardeners health, as well as the earth.
When the ground is covered with plants or wood chips, this helps to keep the garden weed free. Drip systems watering only the area around the plant helps too. Adjusting your view to realize you will have a mowed gravel driveway, not just rock. Some other expectations might have to be adjusted, but it can still look great and the cost doesn’t need to be more.


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  1. I was just looking at those weeds coming up in the driveway. Thanks for writing about this important issue.

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