No Veggies this week, but next week with flowers, eggs and bread

Hi All,

I’m taking a break this week and catching up on some Rest and Relaxation. Next week I will resume delivering bread, eggs, veggies and flowers to you all. Let me know what you might want as early as possible.

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Small Farming best solution to climate change

I like the part in this article that likens buying food shipped from around the world, to getting a delivery at home from a energy efficient Hummer, air conditioning on full blast and all the windows rolled down.

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April 10th Thursday Bread, eggs. veggies and flowers

  Hi All,
 Thursday is bread day. We will be delivering to Flowers By Natasha and Gualala Businesses, also to Point Arena schools and businesses.
Country Sourdough w/ whole wheat $6, $10
Whole Wheat multi-grain seeded $6,  $10
brn. rice, barley, rye. oat groats, sesame seed
Chive flower ciabatta- $6
We also have a glut of eggs, organically fed, pastured chickens. $6
Time to make quiche, frittata, custards, lemon curds.
Vegetable bags are available weekly on a limited basis. This week lots of greens, Braising mix, baby lettuce red and green, kale, chard, green garlic, purple onions, tarragon, rhubarb, lemons, tarragon, thyme, and more !  $30
Spring Flower Bouquets are also available $6
Let me know what would would like, Katie
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Bread Thursday March 27 afternoon delivery

Naturally leavened, wood fired oven, sourdough bread baked Thursday March 27. Will be delivering in the afternoon to Gualala, Flowers by Natasha and businesses, and Point Arena schools, district offices and businesses, Koogles shed. Bread can also be picked up at the Farm here after 2.
Country Sourdough $6, $10
Whole Wheat multi- grain $6, $10
Country sourdough w/ rosemary, olive $7, $12

We will be delivering some veggie boxes as well this week with the bread. To the people who have already subscribed.


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March 15 Saturday, 1-4 Farm Tour

Roseman Creek Ranch and seven other farms in Mendocino county will open their doors for farm tours . We will be demonstrating wood fired oven bread, and giving tours of our garden. Please come support the farm.

We are off Hwy 1 at the 7.25 mile marker, go uphill on the gravel road there. We are the second left turn , 42450 Roseman Creek Rd. Gualala. There will be signs.


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Baking Day March 6 order here.

We will be baking bread Thursday, and delivering Thursday afternoon to Point Arena schools and the district offices, also Koogles shed and other local PA businesses. Also delivering to Gualala businesses and Flowers by Natasha. Let me know with your order where you want your bread delivered. As always you can also pick up bread here at the farm, you don’t have to pre- order, just pick out what you want after 12:30.

Country Sourdough with Rye. $6, $10

Whole wheat multi- grain seeded. $6, $10

Potato , leek ciabatta bread $6, $10

All bread is naturally leavened sourdough, using no active yeast. It’s a 36+ hour process that ferments the wheat making it more digestible, lasts longer and tastes the best !

We are having a Farm tour day 12-3 on Saturday March 15. We will be demonstrating bread baking and having garden tours. We are one of seven farms in Mendocino county participating in this Farm Tour

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CSA Tour of our farm

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