Climbing trees

When I was twenty I visited a garden and saw an older woman up in a large tree pruning. I vowed at that point to climb trees in my forties. Now that I’m mid- fifties, climbing bigger trees doesn’t feel so comfortable any more. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. Today pruning this twenty foot fig tree I’ve pruned for the last five years, getting up in the higher branches just didn’t seem like a good idea. I did most of it anyway.
I think it’s the first time in my thirty five years of gardening that I wondered why I never considered a desk job… That’s saying a lot isn’t it ? Maybe I just need to learn how to give over some tasks… But I can tell you gardeners, if you love it as an occupation now, you’ll love it even more as the years go on. Gardening has so much diversity and constant learning experiences . If you want to be challenged, it will do it.


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Bread Thursday June 5th. oder here

Naturally leavened sourdough bread-organic and garden ingredients. Delivered to Gualala businesses and Flowers by Natasha 1-2, Or Point Arena Schools and businesses 2:30- 4:30 Let me know where you want to pick it up when you order.

Country Sourdough w/ rye $6 $10

Whole Wheat millet $6 $ 10

Green Garlic Ciabatta $6

Order by responding here- I will get it.

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Bread -this Thursday May 22

Bread this Thursday

Whole Wheat sourdough $6 , $10

Country Sourdough $6, $10

Chocolate bread-will only be made to order $7

Olive bread-$7

Delivered to Flowers by Natasha in Gualala, after 1 or other Gualala Businesses, Point Arena schools -about 2-3 or businesses. Please let me know where you want to pick up your order.

Thanks, Katie

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Veggies, Eggs and Flowers this week

I have veggies coming in ! Boxes $30 organically grown

Salad mix
purple onions
green garlic
kale-red russian and dino
fresh sugar snap peas

Also organically fed, pastured chicken eggs- $6

Fresh spring flower bouquet.

I can deliver if you are close to the beaten path. I have a few people on the ridge, Gualala and Point Arena. My car has broke down so I can do Tues. afternoon, or Wednesday morning.

Thanks, Katie


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Baking Day- naturally leavened! sourdough bread May 8th

Bread and Eggs this Thursday May 8 th. Afternoon deliver to Gualala businesses! and Flowers by Natasha around 1, then Point Arena schools and businesses around 3. Order here and let me know where you’d like it delivered.
I also now have flowers for sale by the bouquet $6 or buckets $25. I will probably deliver flowers on a different day, or we can arrange a meeting spot. My garden is in full bloom right now, come by to see, or to help.

Country Sourdough with rye. $6. $10

Whole Wheat multi grain seeded. $6. $10

Polenta corn bread $6. $10

Organically fed, pastured chicken eggs $6 a dozen.

Thanks. Katie


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No Veggies this week, but next week with flowers, eggs and bread

Hi All,

I’m taking a break this week and catching up on some Rest and Relaxation. Next week I will resume delivering bread, eggs, veggies and flowers to you all. Let me know what you might want as early as possible.

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Small Farming best solution to climate change

I like the part in this article that likens buying food shipped from around the world, to getting a delivery at home from a energy efficient Hummer, air conditioning on full blast and all the windows rolled down.

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