About us

We live off the grid in a house built out of our own wood, logs cut on the property and milled on site. Upcycled materials and creative solutions made the energy efficient lifestyle. With a vision of self sustainability, a barn was built, a chicken coop, veggie and flower gardens were started. Fruit orchards and flowering shrubs were grown cheaply from cuttings, grafting and seed. Chickens, dogs, cats and ducks followed.

Wanting to work to feed, educate and inspire our community. The brick oven was built, which seemed naturally to attract people to the eggs, bread and organically grown flowers. We would like to inspire people to eat and cook from the garden in season.

We grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, and flowers for our own sustenance and enjoyment with our guests.

We now share this house and gardens with Airbnb guests. Offering them our home made jams, apple sauce, sourdough bread and granola.

Flower and Fruit Farm