Gardening Wisdom

I believe in following your inner voice. It works well for me in the garden as well as in life. If you listen , stay alert, the garden ” tells ” you things it wants. I use it a lot for crop rotation waiting until the area “tells ” me what it want’s there. For me , being incredibly visual, it’s in the form of a picture. I “see” what will be growing there. When I see this I usually follow what I see, unless there’s a good reason not to . Sometimes it can be an intuition about a fertilizer or mineral that would make the plants happier or the soil just not looking “well”.

I’ve also had questions about life answered. It seems as though the response arises out of whatever I’m doing in the garden. I remember one year at Odiyan when we decided to scythe large areas of grass instead of using the tractor mower. We would mow about fifty acres every year for fire prevention. So this year there were about six of us with scythes, we were spread out on this long hillside, cutting slowly along, swoosh, swoosh. As we were walking out there all carrying the scythes over our shoulders, I wondered about the image of the grim reaper representing death, holding a scythe. An image that always was portrayed to me as scary and dark, like in a horror flick. So I’m swaying back and forth in the scything dance, and I realize that I’m just cutting the abundance of the life of the grass. Reaping a harvest that is rich and full. Like life is for us; born in the winter , growing in the spring, ripening in summer and then harvesting in the fall. It made me feel better realizing the cycle of life, not just a scary image of death, but the rich fulfillment of the seasons.

Lately, this intuition and good energy has also been addressed towards equipment, cars and appliances. My friend told me about it when I questioned her sensibilities. She had been driving late at night on a extremely remote , long, curvy road on her half sized spare tire. She had at this point, driven on this spare tire for about a month or longer. She told me:” I don’t worry, I put so much good energy into that car that it always works wonders for me !”. So I started to think about that and treat my autos , etc. with even better ” care” than before. Recently my husband who is a manly, American made, guy type of man . Drives everything hard and without this level of ” care”. Well, my pick up, which I’d let him drive for the last year because it hurt my shoulders( ripped rotator cuffs) to drive regularly,started to rebel . He treated my pick up with no respect, not letting the glow plug heat up when it was cold, not changing the oil and fuel filters, always leaving the windows down and letting it sit for long periods with the radio on, key on. This truck has now said ” no more” I don’t like this kind of treatment, especially after being my pampered baby for the first four years of it’s life. It won’t start for him, but usually will start for me. I’m still hoping we don’t need the next (third ) part and repair if I just love it back to health. This has also worked with weed eaters, mowers, DVD players etc. Love can work wonders in your life.

So plant when you think it’s a good day.Focus on what calls out to you If those seed bags shake at you , plant them . Lay low when you feel the need. When I check my actions against the Farmers Almanac gardening calendar I’m usually right on. But if you don’t trust yourself yet , keep checking the Almanac calendar until you do. It really works!