My Husband comes from the country

I have the most wonderful husband, sometimes he seems like he was made to order. I think a lot of this is from being raised in the country. Having country values. You get married to someone you love and you can continue loving them your whole life. Ethics are hard work, frugality, family, taking care and helping others in need, community.

When I ask him if I’ve been snoring too loud, a four generation matriarchal lineage malady, he says it reminds him of a tractor sound. That when he was young and needed a nap his mom would sit them on the running tractor to get them to fall asleep. That having me there helps him to sleep.

He never minds if I always dress in Levi’s and t-shirts, and am usually dirty from working in the garden, says he like it when girls dress like that. His favorite color is blue jeans.

When I really stink from cleaning out the horse stalls, moving manure, brushing and working with the horses, he takes a deep whiff and says he loves the smell of horses.

He doesn’t mind strong women and finds them to have no effect on his masculinity. His sisters and his mom all drive tractors and work hard, run their own businesses, his mom even flew planes.

He tells me I’m cute in his “Granpa Bate’s” overalls.

Asks me if I need ice cream or chocolate when I’m tired. Never commenting about being fat or getting fat.

His highest compliment before he ever told me that he loved me, and after he kissed me and I couldn’t walk for about twenty minutes, was that I was comfortable.

He never would consider cheating on me, it’s just so unfathomable for him. So I can have all my cute girlfriends over and never have to worry, even when they flirt with him.

He works his butt off, yet will always turn around and do more if it’s needed. Rarely complains.

He cares more about people than things. He believes children are incalculably important.

Cries at sad movies, actually just kind of makes this choked up sound. We all know it and like it.

Always loves to give or get a hug, is just in general affectionate. Snuggles and lets me warm up against him, even when I’m freezing cold. He say’s “cold hands warm heart”.

He doesn’t say much, but when he does it’s real and thought out. I wish more men were like him.

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  1. Well Katie, I seldom comment although I love your posts all the time. This is a treasure, I know how much you love your honey, now everyone does, hope he gets to read it too. You two were destined for one another, a perfect fit, I love you both just like family. Hugs, Auntie Jann

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