Community Wood Fired Brick Oven’s

In reading ” A Thousand Days in Tuscany” by Marlena De Blasi, I found these excerpts;

“Our favorites were the communal ovens in some of the smaller villages of the Friuli, ovens that are still lit at midnight each Friday with vine cuttings and huge oak logs so the Saturday bake can begin at dawn. We tell him about the official maestro del forno,the oven master, a man whose social and political position is second only to the mayor. The oven master maintains the oven and schedules the baking times, which begin at sunrise and end just before supper. Each household has it’s own crest of sorts to identify the bread- a rough cross, or some configuration of hearts or arrows slashed into the risen loaves just before they’re slid onto the oven floor. And then, so as not to squander the waning heat after the last bake, people arrive toting terra-cotta dishes and iron pots full of vegetables and herbs bathed in wine, a leg of lamb, once in a while, or hefts of pork with small violet-skinned onions and rough- cut stalks of wild fennel to braise in the embers all through the night and then to rest awhile in the spent oven, breathing in the the lingering aromas of wood smoke. ”

“So do you know the derivation of the word compagne, companion?” “From the Latin. Com is ‘con’, with, pan is ‘pane’, bread. A companion is the one with whom we break bread”.

So how do we bring back this community minded-ness ?Would anyone out there want to come to bake in the oven here ? If I have some interest we’ll work toward that.

Thanks, Katie

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  1. When we return, and when you want me to, I would love to bake some gluten free bread in your oven and some dog yam jerky. It would be so much fun. Email me your plans for your trip, will be be home before you leave? I love and miss you very much.

    1. I’ll be gone from April 15th -May 7th. When are you coming back ? Sorry I’m going to miss your birthday as well… Can you check in w/ the family ? Maybe get Sadie for a play date ? Tashi ? She was in a funk today and needed a Auntie Jann day.

      I miss you so much my sister . Love,love,Katie

  2. I would like to order some bread to be picked up on the 30th, but couldn’t figure out how to do it online. What I want are 1 loaf of Ciabatta w/ potatoes,onions and herbs and 1 loaf of Whole Wheat Oatmeal raisin bread w/ cinnamon. If you could leave them at the library, I could leave a check there for you, as I live a mile north of town. I could also pick them up at Franny’s, I suppose, but last time I forgot!?! My phone is 882-2814. How much are the loaves I want?

    1. OK Ferne,

      I’m working w/ my friend, the web tech, to make it easier to order bread.The bread is $5.00 a loaf.

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